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Hello Friends of Deer Lake:

Just thought I would reach out and let you know the Friends of Deer Lake (FODL) is thinking of

its members and our beautiful lake.

Not much of a winter if you like snow. My snowmobiles didn’t get much of a work out this year. Twice my machines made it out on the OFSC trails and twice turned around due to horrible riding conditions like exposed rocks, dry patches or just plain poor conditions. The snowmobile club(s) did what they could but Mother nature wasn’t cooperative to us “snow enthusiasts”.

Always next year right!!

Now that we have completely transitioned from a “White” landscape to a “Green” one this might be of interest to all of you in our community.

FODL works with other lake associations in the Almaguin area conducting quarterly discussions

about concerns that other nearby clubs are experiencing. Recently I became aware of an event

which might be of interest to each of you.

On Saturday June 1 at the Magnetawan Community Centre there is a “Green fair” complete with


Exhibitors include experts on heat pumps, sourcing food locally, green household cleaning

products and modern electric and hybrid vehicles available on the market. Some of the

expertise discussed include affordable and effective actions all of us can take to combat climate

change. The event begins at 10.00am and will run to 1.00 p.m.

It will be interesting to see how members of the Almaguin region can help to start changes that will directly affect our planet.

I look forward to seeing most of you out and about on Deer Lake.

Remember if you haven’t paid your membership dues please do. Every dime is turned back

into helping Deer lake . $50.00 per year is not a lot of money for one person but when everyone contributes their small share it adds up.

Our Fourth Annual FODL BBQ will be held again Labour Day Saturday . Please mark on your


Back to you soon!!

Dave McAllister


Chief Loon



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