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Join Friends of Deer Lake

Benefits & Goals

  • Connecting people interested in the conservation and environmental sustainability of Deer Lake

  • Evolving a long-range Lake Management Plan

  • Protecting Deer Lake's pristine eco-system: testing water levels and quality, pollution prevention, preserving shorelines, enhancing habitat, reducing invasive species

  • Supporting Sustainable Development

  • Protecting property values

  • Exchanging ideas on safe boating and water activities

  • Providing Neighbourhood Watch programs

  • Carrying on research and investigation into problems connected with the use and development of property on Deer Lake, or having impact to Deer Lake

  • Keeping you up to date on community, political, safety and environmental issues, through communications such as AGM, website, social media, newsletters

"There is always strength in numbers and we all benefit from the Conservation Association’s community voice and Lake Stewardship"


Like many Lake Conservation Associations in Almaguin and Ontario, the Friends of Deer Lake want to keep our lake clean and protect its fragile eco-system. As recent as last fall, Deer Lake had its first bloom of blue-green algae, which is a strong indicator of the declining health of a lake. 


As a Conservation Association within an Unorganized Township, the Friends of Deer Lake represent a strong community of concerned citizens. Our collective views provide a common voice when dealing with the Planning Board, Ministry of Natural Resources, Fisheries and Oceans, and working with other municipalities and organizations.


Our goal is to protect and maintain the beauty of Deer Lake, and provide education and benefits to our members. Membership in Friends of Deer Lake is open to both owners and visitors of Deer Lake.  

Members over the age of 18 have a voice in decision-making through attendance, input, and voting at the Annual General Meeting held each year. Each paid membership receives one voting right. It is not necessary you live in the area in order to support the efforts of the Friends of Deer Lake Conservation Association.


Members receive information through newsletters, seminars, special mailings and the web site. Opportunities to serve on the board of directors, the executive committee, or numerous committees are available to members. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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Join Friends of Deer Lake Today!

You can pay by eTransfer auto deposit to 
(if you are asked to provide a question/answer, 
please use:

Question: Deer Lake /  Answer: FODL)


You can purchase either a yearly membership or a 5-Year membership ($50 savings), or become a Deer Lake Conservation Supporter. 

Yearly Membership: $50.00

Five-Year Membership: $200.00

Deer Lake Conservation Supporter: $20.00

Once we receive your payment, we'll email you a short form to complete with your contact details along with important information regarding your FODL membership.


If you prefer to pay by cheque, please download our membership flyer and mail to:

Friends of Deer Lake

4 Hamilton Road
Brantford, ON Canada

N3T 5L9

We comply with all Privacy and Freedom of Information laws.

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