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Camp Fire

Outdoor Fire Restrictions

1. To view what the restrictions are you must search for your location on the map by either zooming in or using the search box. 

2. Select what layers you want to see which are located on the left side.

Report a fire in a restricted zone

Report a fire in a Restricted Fire Zone (except in a campground or provincial park) to your local Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry District Office.

Sustainability Guide

Download the PDF by clicking the image above.


A Guide for Sustainable Living Practices
for Shoreline Property Owners.

Thank you Mr. Geordie Allen for creating this.

Lake capacity study

Download the PDF by clicking the image above.


The report offers impartial, objective, scientific evidence about the state of Deer Lakes Eco-system,  and the ability to sustain the pristine water quality we have grown to love and maybe take for granted.  This report has been forwarded to the Central Almaguin Planning Board (CAPB) so they too are informed in their planning decisions . We must keep our water safe and clean and this is the first step.

Guide to Winter Cottaging

Download the PDF by clicking the image above.

7 ways to help make your next winter weekend at the lake more fun and active, more cozy and delicious, and more safe and sound.

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