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Hello everyone!! It’s that time of year again!! Here it is two weeks before Christmas and I still don’t know what to get my lovely wife as a present. Apparently a Toronto Maple Leaf signed jersey is not a clear hit with the Queen Bee!!

One of my favourite gift’s is looking out through our cottage window onto Deer Lake!!

I feel very fortunate to breathe in that fresh, clean air, admire the pristine waters of Deer Lake as she is surrounded by snow covered trees. Like the Christmas season; magical!!

This past year has been tough on many Canadians. Rising interest rates, inflation, high cost of living has forced many of us to reset out priorities both personally and financially. Not sure what the answer is but each individual and family has the gift of each other. We also have Deer Lake!!

Friends of Deer Lake (FODL) members appreciate the hard work that is required to keep our lake what she is-clean and beautiful. Mankind tends to stress nature to the breaking point and I am sure we stress our lake inadvertently. Watch those septic systems; pick up garbage if/when you see any. Report any violators to the appropriate agencies; they are here to help all of us!! That will help Deer Lake!!

Hoping to get in more snowmobiling this year. Winter 2023 was very short for the snowmobiling fraternity!! Let it snow let it snow!! For some the winter is long for the ice fisherman, cross country skiers and snowmobiler’s the winter is not long enough!!

Our Pyke Boat boat ramp was vastly improved in the spring of 2023. Remember that only happened because of FODL members membership dues and generous donations. Your executive committee welcomes any suggestions as to what projects you would like to see FODL tackle in the new year.

Really enjoyed seeing all 140 of you at the FODL BBQ on Labour Day Saturday. There are still a few Deer Lakers that need to join our organization. Together we are strong!! Please, if you have a neighbor that hasn’t joined please tell them about us. If you wish to part of the FODL committee, please feel free to contact me. The more volunteers the better!!

As the lake will be quiet over the next few months we will be doing some upgrades to our website. This means I will not be posting for awhile. Remember we are volunteers and are doing our best.

Not sure what 2024 has in store for us but I sincerely hope it brings health and happiness to all.



STAY SAFE and see you in 2024!

Dave McAllister

Chief Loon




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