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Invasive Species

What are Invasive Species?


Invasive species are plants, animals, and micro-organisms introduced by human action outside their natural past or present distribution whose introduction or spread threatens the environment, the economy, or society, including human health.

On the water, at the cottage, in the garden or on a trail, learn how you can help stop the spread of invasive species on Deer Lake. 

Currently both Eagle Lake and Lake Bernard are dealing with Invasive Phragmites. Volunteers have been busy monitoring Deer Lake and surrounding areas on identifying Phragmites and we are happy to report that currently there are no Invasive Phragmites on or close to Deer Lake.

We are continually researching the potential of invasive species on or near Deer Lake.

Links and Resources:

Invasive species in Ontario

Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program

Conservation Ontario

Throughout Almaguin Highlands and Ontario, invasive species are spreading.

Hundreds of invasive species have infiltrated our lakes, rivers and forests. This puts our native fish, plants and animals and their habitats at risk.


After an invasive species arrives it is very difficult to remove it. This can cause irreparable damage to important habitats and ecosystems.

We must be diligent in identifying and removing invasive species in and around Deer Lake.

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