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PUBLIC NOTICE: To the users of Deer Lake

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has become aware of violation of the Public Lands Act (PLA) occurring at the public access point on Deer Lake Road. It has come to our attention that there are a number of dock structures that have been placed on the Crown lake bed at the public access location. These docks are considered an unauthorised occupation of Crown land and are in violation of the PLA. All existing structures will need to be removed immediately and must not be placed back on the Crown lake bed or on any Crown lands around the lake. Should the docks be reinstalled next season the MNRF will be ordering removal of the structures at the owners expense.

Additionally, A work permit is required for any improvements to the launch which includes widening of the launch, tree cutting, vegetation or rock removal /relocation etc. Any work on the shoreline or Crown lands would require a permit under the PLA. Activities that do not require approval are minor pruning of the access (cutting branches) or the addition of gravel to the existing access road (this does not include adding any materials at the waters edge or into the water).

I will also take this opportunity to remind lake land owners of the requirement to secure PLA authorization for work on your waterfront. Any work at the waters edge (Not including docks with a footprint less than 15m2) will likely need to be approved by MNRF under the PLA.

If you wish to educate yourself on the PLA or apply for a permit to under the act you can access the applications at Crown land work permits |

Thank You,

Clifford VanKoughnett

IRM Technical Specialist

Parry Sound District

7a Bay Street, Parry Sound


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