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Upcoming Blue-Green Algae Workshop

Blue-Green Algae Workshop - June 8th, South River

The Eagle Lake Conservation Association (ELCA), will be partnering with Machar Township to hold a workshop on blue-green algae. The workshop will be held at the South River-Machar Community Centre (upstairs over the arena) on Saturday June 8th beginning at 10am. There is no fee for attending the workshop. Those attending will be expected to sign in at the door, providing an email address if you have one. Sign in will commence at 9am when coffee and snacks will be provided.

The workshop will be led by two experts: Professor Dan Walters from Nipissing University and Professor Lewis Molot from York University. Both presenters have extensive experience in identifying and dealing with blue-green algae and the various factors that create these blooms. For the past few years research has been conducted in Callendar Bay where blooms of blue-green algae are an annual problem. Professor Walters has been heavily involved in this research since its inception. Thanks to the involvement of these presenters the seminar will be primarily funded through a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

We encourage any interested resident of the Almaguin Region to register. In addition to property owners on Deer Lake and the other lakes in Machar, the seminar should be of particular interest to those with properties on Lake Bernard and Eagle Lake where blooms of blue-green algae have occurred and remain a potential risk to the health of these lakes and the health of those that use the lakes.

We encourage you to attend this seminar so we can all get an informed appreciation of the threat that blue-green algae poses as well as the best methods for counteracting it. Lunch will be provided so it is important that those attending register in advance to assist with determining the amount of food to purchase. An accurate headcount is also important for those setting up the room and arranging the seating.

You can register electronically at: If you are unable to register electronically you can register by telephoning Machar Township at: 705 386-7741.


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