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Hello everyone

It’s hard to believe but at 5.13 AM Tuesday June 21, 2022, it is officially our Summer Solstice. This is the “longest “day of the year! Hot days, warm nights and nice cool lake water are just around the corner.

It has been relatively quiet this year for your FODL (Friends of Deer Lake) leadership team. It will be nice to have all our “friends” back. Now that most COVID 19 restrictions have been lifted I will be making my rounds to see as many of you as I can over the summer.

Recently I attended a meeting for the Almaguin Lakes and Watershed Association. This quarterly meeting is designed to express concerns and events with other Lake Associations in our region. Topics include Water Clarity, Phosphorous levels, climate change, Blue Green Algae, Phragmites infestation, shoreline restoration and education. Some things we can change some we can’t. Other discussions include Cottage rentals, fireworks impact, wake zones, noise, and light pollution and out of date septic systems.

It would seem other lakes and their associations have a lot of the same issues as us. The province has implemented a Clean Drain and Dry system to prevent boat and truck traffic from transmitting harmful invasive species lake to lake, region to region. I recommend that all FODL members and guests educate themselves as to the hazards that movement can bring to any area. Interesting study done by the Montana State University that 96-99% of “seeds” can stay attached to a dry car/truck 257 km after they were embedded in their wheels. Imagine if an unwary boater dropped his boat off at our Pyke Road boat ramp and brought something to Deer Lake that could destroy the local habitat. Phragmites releases toxins that kill local indigenous plants so it can survive.


Speaking of Pyke Road Boat Ramp, I have had a few FODL member’s express concern on the deterioration of the road and the driveway. We have reached out to a few sources as to how this repair can be done but no luck with anyone so far. Please be careful when using the ramp in the meantime. Anyone has any ideas please feel reach out to me to discuss. The OPP is trying to get us some more Crime Stoppers signs so we can put up in and around Deer Lake. We don’t have a crime problem but keeping an eye out for friends and neighbors is never a bad thing. If you would like a sign, I encourage you to contact me, and we can make that arrangement. It is important with new folks arriving to the lake that you tell your neighbors about our FODL association. Jack, Cindy, and I can only do so much, and we need everyone’s effort to keep our efforts and association relevant. We are all volunteers, and the Lake needs us all to work in mutual cooperation.

We do have some extra FODL T-shirts and Hoodies if you are interested. All profits in the sale of these wonderful items are turned back into the FODL coffers for future lake use.

Talk soon everyone,

Dave McAllister Chief Loon

Phone: 905-609-1600


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