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Hello Deer lakers (and Friends)

At 10.58 AM Wednesday June 21.2023 it is the Summer Solstice. That, my friends, means it is the “longest” day of the year. Although for many the recently passed May 24 Victoria Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, the solstice is the official beginning.

Pyke Road Boat ramp has been repaired

I have noticed more and more docks and boats starting to appear on Deer Lakes pristine waters. This is my personal “unofficial start” to summer. Ducking swarms of biting insects is the other one!!

At least this year the Pyke Road Boat ramp has been repaired. Ironmen Construction completed work amongst the swirl of black flies and mosquitoes. I took a “before “and “after” picture which Natasha has posted on our website for those that don’t have car or boat access. Definitely a 100% improvement. Congratulations to all FODL members that contributed their hard-earned money to its repair. It wouldn’t have happened without you!!

No more pushing your stuck SUV or truck from the water’s edge. This means full access to Deer Lake for casual boaters, fisherman, the OPP and Ministry of Natural resources personnel.

It would be nice, while enjoying Deer Lake, that everyone pick up their garbage. There was quite a mess at the Boat Ramp while repairs were being done. Not sure why some folks feel the need to leave garbage and debris, but it does happen.

Upon inspection of the boat ramp, I noticed someone had created an improvised firepit to perhaps cook their lunch but there are local fire bans at the present time. Please do not start a fire if it has been forbidden. All you must do is watch the news to see the devastation that an out-of-control fire can cause across Canada. Remember Parry Sound Fire 33 in 2018 that burned out of control on thousands of hectares of land all in an Unorganized township. Sound familiar?

Incidentally the OPP will be increasing patrols in our region so expect a larger police presence on the lake this summer. Check those personal flotation vests (life jackets), oars, bailing cans, whistle, working flashlight and of course bring your boater’s license. Did you know you are required to carry a picture to provide proof that the boater’s license with your name on it is you!! It goes without saying “please drink responsibly”!! The OPP can/will check for sober operators on ANY watercraft. The rules of the road apply on the water. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!

Remember to stay involved in the well-being of Deer Lake. We all have to do our part. Please attend as many meetings as you can including the Roads Board, Lount Waste Management and of course the FODL BBQ Labour Day Saturday Sept 2 2023.


Dave McAllister

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