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Every year on March 17 a celebration takes place in more countries in the world than any other national festival. The world turns "Green" in honour of the most famous Patron Saint of Ireland St. Patrick.

What We’re Up To

St Patrick’s Day is enjoyed in a variety of ways including parades, carnivals, and other celebrations depending where you are located. The wearing of “green attire” or “Shamrocks” can be found on many party participants to honour St. Patrick. Speaking of “Green” the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has presented Friends of Deer lake (FODL) a grant for our ongoing community effort to prevent crime on or near our pristine waters. Hopefully most of you have seen the Crimestoppers signs scattered around Deer Lake. Friends of Deer lake (FODL) , with the help of several volunteers, put these signs up as a reminder to stay vigilant for individuals that don’t have Deer Lake Residents and Cottagers best interests in mind!! I might be biased but I think our lake is the best in the province and a little effort goes along way to keeping it safe. Constable Louise Maki of the OPP wants residents to be the eyes and ears for all concerned. Great job Deer Lakers!! More “Green” will be required to commence work on the Pyke Road Boat ramp. If the funds come in FODL will be contracting Ironmen Construction to begin badly needed repairs to our beleaguered boat ramp. The years of neglect are now more apparent than ever. We have permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources and our local MPP Graydon Smith and want to have done for the spring/summer boating season. Most of us only use the ramp once in the spring and once in the fall but it is an excellent way to have friends and family drop their boats, sailboats or Personal Watercraft when visiting Deer Lake. Remember FODL is a non-profit organization and relies on membership dues and donations for a variety of activities . Some FODL members still have not sent in their dues from 2022 ...and that “green” is badly needed for conservation efforts, our annual AGM and BBQ and special repairs like the Pyke Road Boat Ramp. All “green” received into the FODL coffers keeps Deer lake and its residents informed and included. Pete Benninger has been kind enough to volunteer his venue for the 4 th Annual AGM and BBQ which is on Saturday September 2/2023 . That is the Labour day long weekend so mark that on your calendars. I will be trying to secure an expert on the Blue Green Algae blooms and will be updating you shortly. Talk soon!! Think “green”!! HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!! Dave McAllister Chief Loon

You can pay by eTransfer auto deposit to (if you are asked to provide a question/answer, please use: Question: Deer Lake / Answer: FODL) You can purchase either a yearly membership or a 5-Year membership ($50 savings), or become a Deer Lake Conservation Supporter. Yearly Membership: $50.00 Five-Year Membership: $200.00 Deer Lake Conservation Supporter: $20.00



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