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Resharing: June - Newsletter

Hello fellow Deer Lakers

The weather is still getting nicer and the days longer as summer quickly approaches. The water is a little cold for me, but I have seen some brave water skiers and Sea Doo’s out on Deer Lake. There may be one or two insects but us FODL members are a hardy bunch.

As nighttime approaches many of us want to do the Canadian pastime and have a warm, glowing fire to enjoy with a beverage of choice or marshmallows for the kids. Life in the country couldn’t be better.

However, we must all remember about the Parry Sound Forest fire of 2018. This fire was officially designated as Parry Sound 33, and it occurred in unorganized parts of Parry Sound district. It started after an abandoned ATV caught fire with a construction crew. This nasty customer destroyed nearly 27,700 acres starting July 18,2018 and officially declared extinguished October 31, 2018.

As we are in an unorganized township, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) were in charge of battling this monster. I have spoken to the Ministry about the existing fire ban and the OPP have contacted FODL about enforcement. There is some conflicting information as South River does not restrict fires, but Sundridge does. Where Deer Lake falls with this is a matter of interpretation.

The MNRF does not want a repeat of Parry Sound 33 and have asked members of the public and FODL to call their tips line at 1-877-847-7667 to report any members of the public that are blatantly disobeying. We have had reports of at least one large bonfire on the lake and an enforcement team has been dispatched. Please, none of us want to lose our home or cottage due to a careless mistake caused by fire and negligence. It would be nice to “police” ourselves so our brave officers can look after some other pressing needs!!

On a lighter side, I will be placing the order for hoodies and T Shirts on June 21, 2021. Sorry for those of you that wanted these for Father’s Day, but orders have been trickling in and I didn’t want to miss anyone.

Back to you in July everyone.


Dave McAllister

Chief Loon

Outdoor Fire Restrictions are in effect



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