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To download report click below:

Final Report - Lakeshore Capacity Assess
Download • 1.06MB

Hi everyone: The ice is gone, the days are getting longer and soon we will all be putting our boats in the water. With a little luck the Province of Ontario will have the COVID 19 nightmare under control and we can all carry on with a “normal” life once again. I am quite sure we have all had enough of this horrible nightmare that has touched so many people around the globe.

If COVID 19 restrictions are lifted, Miss Catherine Parsons has offered to organize the First Annual Summer Regatta for all of us to enjoy. Great fun for the kids and a fantastic way for us to meet others that enjoy the Deer Lake Shoreline.

This would happen on the August Civic long weekend and would include a horseshoe tournament, swimming and boating competition, a Hot Dog/Hamburger BBQ among other things. Once we have clearance from the Province, MS. Parsons will be reaching out to everyone through this website.

As promised, through your yearly dues and donations, your executive committee has been able to procure a Lake Capacity Study for Deer Lake. This report has been made available on this website.

The report offers impartial, objective, scientific evidence about the state of Deer Lakes Eco-system, and the ability to sustain the pristine water quality we have grown to love and maybe take for granted. This report has been forwarded to the Central Almaguin Planning Board (CAPB) so they too are informed in their planning decisions . We must keep our water safe and clean and this is the first step.

This report belongs to all FODL members thus the decision to post on our website.

Just a reminder we still have to pay for this report. It is early in 2021 and there are a number of you that still have to submit your 2021 memberships dues. There are many options to make your payments and donations to the cause are ALWAYS accepted.

Any questions or concerns please contact me through the website.

Take Care everyone and I will be back to you as updates arise.

Dave McAllister

Head Loon



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