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Happy Holidays from Deer Lake!!

Hello everyone: The days are getting shorter; the air is getting colder and soon the white stuff will actually stick around. Hard to believe Christmas Day is just over a week away. For all of us snowmobilers, cross country skiers and ice fishing enthusiasts’ winter can’t come soon enough!! Hopefully Santa will leave a nice present under the tree for some of us lucky folks to use for these hobbies! HINT!! HINT!!

Speaking of Christmas all those that ordered Hoodies and/or T-shirts to place under the tree for friends and loved ones will have to wait until the end of January to receive. Apparently, the supply chain is experiencing some delivery difficulties and FODL is not exempt. Sounds familiar with everything nowadays. Once received I will contact everyone who has been waiting.

We did receive a nice Christmas gift from our friends at the Central Almaguin Planning Board (CAPB).

It is now a by-law that all property severances require a Professional Planner with any application. All severances now require a minimum of 300 ft of lake frontage. We have been monitoring monthly CAPB meetings to ensure all unorganized townships are given the protection from overdevelopment. Our Deer Lake Capacity study has also been formally recognized by the board and they thanked all FODL members for that information. Your FODL leadership thanks everyone for all financial contributions to make that report happen.

Some of you probably recently noticed our roads have been glare ice due to the unpredictable weather. Pearcely Road and Boundary Road were particularly bad with several vehicles ending up in the ditch. Future FODL member Malcolm Skingley has been kind enough to provide the FODL Membership Committee with phone numbers to call and report icy conditions to the right people.

Please contact me at or 905-609-1600 for the appropriate numbers. Thanks Malcolm!

Please remember to remain diligent in the protection of our beautiful

Deer Lake. She needs us now more than ever!!


Dave McAllister

Chief Loon (FODL)

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