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Hello Friends of Deer Lake!

Two of our favorite groundhogs have made their predictions.Wiarton Willie predicts an early spring. Nova Scotia native Shubenacadie Sam has seen her shadow and states we have 6 more weeks of winter! Which one is right?

Regardless of their prediction this year's Vernal Equinox marking the official beginning of spring is 11.33 Eastern time Sunday March 20 2022. If Hockey, snowmobiling, ice fishing and tobogganing is you passion you have lots of winter left to enjoy.

Your FODL committee has received a number of requests regarding our some issues of our lake. Not sure at what official capacity the Friends of Deer Lake (FODL) can facilitate all of these requests but here are some suggestions for us to work on this coming year.

- Pyke Road Boat ramp repairs

- Continued Water quality testing

- Phragmites detection and control

- Loon population study

Many FODL members have offered to volunteer their time and the FODL committee would like to take you up on those offers. Date and time of our next meeting to be confirmed shortly.

At your convenience I would ask all members of FODL to educate themselves about our Central Almaguin Planning Board (CAPB). This dedicated group of men and women have the unenviable task of approving many different applications regarding land severance applications throughout our region. The CAPB makes these decisions based on provincial policies and guidelines and will continue to do so. In December I used the word "gift" in my newsletter to our FODL members and friends.

This has caused some concern with some as to the interpretation of the word "gift". I would like to apologize for that unfortunate choice of wording. I follow the CAPB monthly activities and it has always been consistent and professional. Business on Deer Lake is no different and each application is judged accordingly by the CAPB.


For those that ordered FODL T-Shirts and Hoodies your orders are in. Please email me ( or phone (905-609-1600) and I will arrange to have your order dropped off at your home or cottage.

Lastly please mark Saturday September 3 (Labour Day Saturday) for our 3rd annual FODL Social and BBQ . All members and Friends of Deer Lake are invited. Drinks and food provided and this year's event will even have music thanks to FODL member Jeff Bird. Further details to follow.

I leave this question with you: Can Deer Lake continue to count on you for your commitment to keep her beautiful? Together we all can!

Take care, Stay safe and talk soon!!

Dave McAllister

Chief Loon


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