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Forming a Lake Conservation Association

As we celebrate Earth Day, our thoughts are on the Conservation of our beautiful Deer Lake. We are approaching a critical time for our lake with the recent algae-blooms, loss of fish and wildlife habitat, construction run off, invasive species and wildlife decline. It is in Deer Lake owners’ and visitors’ best interests and our responsibility to ensure that Deer Lake receives protection and support, so that our lake remains beautiful and healthy for many years to come.

Given that Deer Lake is located in an unorganized township, we may have limited assistance from government and environment organizations to support the viability of our lake.  There are many local, provincial and federal organizations and programs that can help Deer Lake retain its pristine environment and eco-system, however, the onus is on us to make this happen. The first step is to set up a Lake Conservation Association.

What is the Purpose of a Lake Conservation Association?

A Lake Conservation Association is a voluntary organization made up of people who own land on or near a lake, as well as, regular visitors to the lake. A Lake Conservation Association provides a forum for members to raise concerns, become educated about issues affecting the lake, and work toward solutions. Just like any organized group that shares a common interest, within a Lake Conservation Association we are able to work out issues affecting the lake by sharing objectives, knowledge, skills and resources. 

As a Lake Conservation Association, we also have a greater influence on local, provincial and federal agencies to help influence policies and regulations. During the last Central Almaguin Planning Board (CAPB) Planning Meeting on April 17, 2019, it was recommended to Deer Lake attendees that we form a Lake Association.

Lake Conservation Associations serve many functions including:

  • Forming a Community of lake owners, and visitors to the lake

  • Developing a communications network for sharing lake news

  • Raising awareness of conservation lake issues in the greater community

  • Implementing programs that will benefit the Lake's eco-system

  • Evolving a long-range Lake Management Plan

  • Gathering information and presenting educational programs for members

  • Conducting data collection on a broad range of lake concerns (water quality, aquatic plant surveys, wildlife surveys and watershed development)

  • Gaining a historical perspective from long-term residents

  • Launching fund raising events and applying for grants

  • Networking with other Lake Associations

  • Working with the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA) who provide information and tools that will enable us to practice environmental stewardship and give leadership for vital issues

  • Accessing many benefits through FOCA including: discounted Cottage/Home Insurance and other Products

Next Steps

Complete our Short Survey. Click here.

Become a volunteer. There are many opportunities to get involved including:

Becoming a member of the Friends of Deer Lake Steering Committee. This is a core group of people who are responsible for getting our Association up and runningHelping with the website and social media, newsletters, membership, administrationAssisting with Grant Writing for applications to the Ontario Trillium FoundationBecoming a Lake Steward: assists with Aquatic and Wildlife StudiesSharing your knowledge. Write articles on water and wildlife preservationResearch programs that will benefit the lake.

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